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Laboratory :
     Psychological Lab
     Science and Mathematics Lab
     ET/ ITC Lab
     Arts And Craft Lab
     Work And physical Education Lab
     Multipurpose Lab

1. Library:
1.1 The Library has separate reference section/Journals section and reading room Yes
1.2 Number of books in the library 3015
1.3 Total number of educational/journals/periodicals begin subscribed 5
1.4 Number of encyclopedias available in the library 12
1.5 Number of books available in the reference section of the library 1000
1.6 Sitting capacity of the reading room of the library 50
2. Instructional Facilities:
2.1 Details of laboratories available (pl attach annexure) --
2.2 Arrangement made for practice teaching Yes
2.3 Number of School(S) for practice teaching Ten
2.4 Name of School(S) for practice teaching 1.   Plassey High School(H.S)
2.   Janaki Nagar High School(H.S)
3.   Bara Chad Ghar Adarsha Vidyapith High School
4.   Panch Khola High School
5.   Washir Smriti High School-Gobindapur(H.S)
6.   Pani Ghata U-D-M High School(H.S)
7.   Bara Chad Ghar High School(H.S)
8.   Plassey Mira Balika Vidyaniketan High School(H.S)
9.   Mira High School(H.S)
10. Vivekananda Vidyabhaban(H.S)

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