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The following information shall be displayed be the Instruction on this on its web site for the information of all concerned as per provision of regulation 7 (10) and 8 (16) of the NCTE (Regulation Norms & Procedure) Regulation, 2007
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4. Land:
4.1 Whether copy of the Affidavit in the prescribed Yes
4.2 Land Identification (plot/Khasra No.) 1532
4.3 Land Area in sq mt. 2675
4.4 Whether the Title of the land in on Ownership basis Ownership Basis
4.5 Title of the land is on lease as per low --
4.6 Duration of the lease --
4.7 Land Use Certificate obtained for Educational Institution Yes
5. Manpower(Photographs of Teaching Faculty should be displayed):
5.1 Details of proposed/appointed teaching staff --
5.2 Details of proposed/appointed non-teaching staff --
6. Building:
6.1 Construction of the building is complete Yes
6.2 Building is yet to be constructed No
6.3 Building is fire safety-proof Yes
6.4 Building is disable friendly Yes
6.5 Common room for Boys/Girls available Yes
6.6 Date of completion of the building 11.03.2013
6.7 Covered Aria in sq mt. 1691
6.8 Number of classrooms 2 (Two)
7. Library:
7.1 The Library has separate reference section/Journals section and reading room Yes
7.2 Number of books in the library 3015
7.3 Total number of educational/journals/periodicals begin subscribed 5
7.4 Number of encyclopedias available in the library 12
7.5 Number of books available in the reference section of the library 1000
7.6 Sitting capacity of the reading room of the library 50
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